Oracle CEO Larry Ellison Joins Twitter

Executive wastes no time trashing his opponents.

Twitter just got a lot more interesting.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison launched a Twitter account to celebrate his company's formal arrival into the cloud.

And the outspoken, often feared, almost mythical Silicon Valley figure, who appears to have been a friend to no man except Steve Jobs, took the opportunity to fire a shot at one of his chief rivals with his first tweet.

"Oracle's got 100+ enterprise applications live in the #cloud today, SAP's got nothin' but SuccessFactors until 2020," Ellison's first and only tweet, so far, @larryellison says.

Do you hear that @Benioff?

An Oracle media representative confirmed that Ellison is indeed the man behind the account and Twitter was quick to verify the account.

In less than 24 hours, Ellison had already amassed close to 24,000 followers.

At last check he was not following anyone. Would you expect anything less from Larry Ellison?

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