Oscar Night Proved It's Steve Jobs' World

..and we're just living and playing in it

One of the subplots of the Oscar ceremony, for those of you who saw it on television, is something we've been talking about for awhile:  Steve Jobs is the most powerful man in the entertainment industry. 

And, while we're very impressed with the likes of Kathryn Bigelow, James Cameron, and Jeff Bridges, Jobs, without even leaving his seat, ran the show.

Here's our Steve Jobs "Oscar Tree:"  During a broadcast aired on ABC, which is owned by Disney (of which Jobs is the largest shareholder), Pixar won an Oscar (Pixar is famously Jobs' company - he sold it to Disney, which is how he got all those Disney shares).  Also during the broadcast, we saw an ad for Apple's upcoming iPad.  I don't have to explain the Jobs link to Apple, but this all got us to thinking:  Has there ever been such a case of synchronicity within a single broadcast?

It almost seems like there are factors in place these days, purposeful or otherwise, that keep one individual from wielding this much power.  But there sits Steve Jobs, straddling the entertainment industry with the kind of power we just don't see in the modern age.  Sure, you can have your Sumner Redstones, or even your James Camerons,  but nobody brings the entertainment and technology worlds together like Jobs. 

And, as we saw last night, those two worlds are the present - and future - of what we'll be watching.  And buying.

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