Parents at East Bay School Upset at How District Handled Campus COVID-19 Case

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Parents of students at an East Bay middle school are upset over how the school handled a teacher's positive COVID-19 case earlier this week.

A number of sixth graders at Charlotte Wood Middle School in Danville were sent home Tuesday after a vaccinated teacher tested positive for COVID-19, according to a report from the Mercury News.

Some parents are angry with the school district because they say their students were sent home without parents being notified first, the newspaper reported. The San Ramon Valley Unified School District disputed that claim, saying all parents were notified in advance.

Some parents were upset that their children couldn’t stay on campus given they were wearing masks and felt like unvaccinated students were treated differently.

District Superintendent John Malloy apologized during Tuesday's school board meeting for the confusion and admitted the guidelines put out by the county and state are confusing, especially when dealing with some students who are vaccinated and some students who are not.

"The Charlotte Wood matter was because there was a lack of clarity about when that date was when a student needed to be tested in order to return; and again, it was not the intention of the amazing staff there, they were under a significant amount of pressure … we take the responsibility for the fact that process did not go well, and we were on the phone with public health to sat we need to work through this."

In a statement Wednesday provided to the Mercury News, the district wrote that "students were sent home yesterday due to the fact that they did not have the appropriate documentation on file with the school in order to remain on campus."

But the district denied that students were separated by vaccination status.

It wasn't immediately clear Thursday how long those students must remain off campus.

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