PG&E, Fire Crews Investigate Mysterious Odor in Oakland

A mysterious smell near the Oakland's O.Co Coliseum prompted residents on Tuesday to call 911.

Several neighbors said the odor smelled like gas, which prompted an army of PG&E crews to look for the source of the smell.

"I thought it was the neighbors and they weren't home," resident Shelly Harper said.

Harper was one of the resident who called 911. She was transferred to the fire department, who told her the odor was from a spill nearby and that "it was nothing to be concerned about."

But the fire department was concerned enough to send out a hazmat team and make a call to PG&E.

"We sent out two dozen gas techs to sweep the area using state of the art leak detection," PG&E spokesperson Nick Stimmel said. "We have not found any detection of natural gas."

The search for the source of the mysterious odor started in the morning and continued well into the evening near a cluster of businesses on Medford Avenue.

Both agencies who were chasing the smell late Tuesday believes the smell could be the result of a business nearby using a different method for cleaning tanks.

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