Pleasant Hill Votes Down Recreational Pot Businesses

Council passes ordinance allowing "delivery only" businesses for medical marijuana, bans everything else

The Pleasant Hill City Council on Monday night voted unanimously to approve ordinances to allow up to two "delivery only" medical retail marijuana businesses in the city, and banning all other commercial cannabis enterprises.

Under the ordinance, medical marijuana delivery businesses would be allowed in certain business districts. Any such business would have to be at least 600 feet from schools, day care centers or youth centers.

No other types of cannabis businesses - production, processing, or adult-use (recreational) - would be allowed in the city per the ordinance.

A Pleasant Hill native said she voted to legalize pot for recreational use, but her opinion is evolving.

"I was surprised at how much I smell it around and don’t like it," resident Jackie Gelder said. "And so for me, now that I think back on it, I probably would not have voted for it."

The new ordinance goes into effect in 30 days.

NBC Bay Area's Terry McSweeney contributed to this report.

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