Police Investigating After Elderly Man Attacked in Oakland

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Oakland police are investigating the beating of an 80-year-old man, who they said was assaulted and robbed while on his way home.

Pictures released Friday showed moments after Jose, the victim was attacked just two blocks from his west Oakland home.

Jose's granddaughter, who wants to remain anonymous explained what happened.

“He noticed from his rear view mirror that a car was speeding behind. He thought they would slow down. But hey didn’t. They ended up hitting him and he was in shock," she said.

According to police, there were four men in that car. Two of them started beating Jose.

“He was protecting his face and neck, so there were four guys on my grandfather," the victim's granddaughter said.

The suspects were allegedly looking for items to steal. Jose was beaten badly and two of his teeth are now missing.

Jose's granddaughter told NBC Bay Area that she is angry. She knows about the Asian hate against elderly people throughout the Bay Area.

She feels the attack against her grandfather Jose needs attention because it’s happening a lot in the Hispanic community and older people are vulnerable.

“I understand Asian community. I feel there been a lot of attack on Latinos," she said. "I feel if it was the same race as them, they would have more empathy."

Oakland police have assigned this case to an investigator.

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