Increased Police Presence at Alhambra High School After Tip About Potential Shooting


There will be an increased police presence at Alhambra High School in Martinez on Monday after a third-person report about a possible shooting threat at the school, according to the Martinez Unified School District.

Superintendent CJ Cammack sent an email to students' families about the threat, which was sent earlier Monday morning to the district's "Say Something" tip system stating that a student's friend heard another student talk about a potential shooting the day after Thanksgiving.

Cammack noted that the report "was completely anonymous and is based on third-person hearsay, with no specific information, names, or details."

Martinez police will have an increased presence at the school at 150 E St. as a precaution, and the campus will be open and operating on a normal Monday schedule.

"I recognize you each have individual decisions to make regarding your child's attendance, and we appreciate that such decisions remain yours to make as the parent," Cammack wrote.

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