Rhea Mahbubani

Police Investigating Shooting at Antioch McDonald's

A frightening scene unfolded at an Antioch McDonald's Wednesday morning when an employee, who police believe was not the intended target, was shot. 

A report of shots fired from outside into the fast food eatery at 2424 Mahogany Way was received at 10:51 a.m., according to Antioch police.

Responding officers found a man in his 20s, who was determined to be an employee of the fast food restaurant, suffering gunshot wounds.

Police said he was standing by the building's window when a suspect fired a gun into the establishment from the parking lot. A photograph of the scene shows a bullet casing on the ground and smashed windows, with glass littering the ground.

"It’s really scary to work next door to them and for them to have shot in the kids playground. That’s really scary," said Wilmesha Levi who works at KFC nearby. 

According to Levi, the ex-boyfriend of one of the McDonald's employees broke a restaurant window last week. 

Friends told her the same man is responsible for Wednesday's shooting, but police have not yet confirmed that information.

The suspect, also a man in his 20s, fled the area in a 2000s model white Chevrolet pickup truck heading west on Mahogany Way, police said. He is still at large.

Police said the victim, who did not seek medical treatment, was not the intended target of the shooting.

No one else suffered injuries in the shooting.

Parents, however, were rattled to see crime tape blocking off the entrance to the Mcdonald's drive-thru.

"It’s tragic, dangerous," said Anthony Morehouse of Antioch. "It’s not safe for the kids. Kids could have been in there."

Officers are investigating the shooting and police said no further information is immediately being released.

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