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Police Take Man Who Threatened SF Shooting Into Custody

Police took Dustin Hamilton, who threatened to attack police and people in San Francisco, into custody Friday

A man who burglarized his parents home in San Jose on Wednesday, stole a shotgun and left behind a 20-page manifesto where he threatened to kill people in San Francisco and any law enforcement members has been taken into police custody on Friday.

Dustin Hamilton was taken into custody "without incident this morning in San Francisco following a tip from a community member. Two firearms were recovered at the scene," police said.

On Thursday, a family in San Jose said they came back home from vacation to find that their estranged son stole at least two guns and threatened to come to San Francisco and kill as many people as he can.

San Jose Police Department
Dustin Hamilton

The family said that their shotgun was missing and a .357 Magnum revolver was also missing.

They also found a binder with a 20-page manifesto on their kitchen table in which Hamilton said that he hates San Francisco police.

Hamilton, who is diagnosed as schizophrenic, was reportedly off his medicine, police said.

The San Jose Police Department immediately notified the San Francisco Police Department, and both agencies are actively conducting follow-up investigations to find the suspect.

San Jose Police detectives had obtained a felony arrest warrant for Hamilton for burglary, threats and firearms possession. It was unclear whether he was charged Friday.

In addition, Hamilton has two outstanding felony warrants out of San Francisco for assault and vandalism.

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