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Popular Brentwood Water Park Closed Following Reports of Children Getting Sick

A popular water park for kids in the East Bay is closed after reports of children getting sick.

A number of parents with their children looking to cool off at the park on Monday were met with a sign advising them the water feature is out of order and that parts were on the way. Parents told NBC Bay Area they should have been told why.

"I'm a little surprised," parent Scott Kavanaugh said. "I didn't get any information on social media."

Kavanaugh added he was unaware of the reports kids were getting sick.

"I wish they would share a little bit more information with the public so we can make educated decisions," Kavanaugh said.

NBC Bay Area obtained a complaint inspection done by Contra Costa Health Services at the water park. The county inspector went to Blue Goose Park in Brentwood following reports of four children getting sick after playing for two hours in the water on June 11. The kids' symptoms include vomiting and diarrhea.

The inspector found chlorine and PH were within the required levels. But he also discovered the ultraviolet light disinfection system, which is used to destroy harmful bacteria, did not work and the system's automatic shutdown feature failed to activate.

The city manager told NBC Bay Area on Monday he knows the pump is getting repaired, but he has received no reports of anyone getting sick.

Meanwhile, a parent who lives near the park said he would like to see the city be more vigilant.

"They should have had thorough checking every week, every weekend," parent Dan Policarpio said. "Maybe someone, somewhere dropped the ball. That's the bottom line."

The city manager also said the systems are checked on a regular basis. He said this was a case of a part malfunctioning. Once the system is fixed, the county health department will come out again to test it before the park is opened back up to the public.

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