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Popular San Francisco Dog Park Users Worried That Glass Littering Ground Could Hurt Pets, People

People who use a popular San Francisco dog park are being warned that someone might be breaking bottles and embedding shards in the ground to harm pets.

Word is spreading on social media about the potentially dangerous fragments being left around Stern Grove Dog Park.

One dog owner told NCB Bay Area that he saw people trying to clean up the Vale Avenue area on Friday. Another posted on Facebook that he didn't believe it until he saw the glass for himself

But no one is sure who is committing what many are referring to as a dog hate crime.

Mary Rhodes already keeps a close eye on her pooches because in 2013 and 2014 someone left poisoned treats for dogs near Twin Peaks in San Francisco, killing one dog.

“The last dog scare I heard of was the meatball scare in Diamond Heights so I'm always cautious with what they touch what they do,” Rhodes said.

She said she wasn’t surprised someone wants to hurt dogs, but is worried that the glass could hurt people too.

“We want the dogs to be protected, we want walkers to be protected, too, not to mention the kids who come to Pink Lake,” she said.

Police and Animal Care and Control officials say they have not received reports about the glass.

The Parks and Recreation Department said there is a lot of illegal dumping at the park. Its officials are checking with Park Police about any reports.

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