Pot & Pantry Sprouts Up in the Mission

It’s a well-known phenomenon, San Francisco sprouts talented entrepreneurs. While they are scattered in many areas of the City, there is a bushel full of them in the Mission.

The Mission has become a general ID referring to the streets and alleys with borders from Market to the north, Dolores to the west, Army to the south and Potrero to the east.

A drive-by up and down the teen streets (14th-19th) thru the low 20s (20th-26th) and voila, clever logos on eye-catching signs to identify interesting store fronts appear mid block, on the corners and down the pathways.

Since the current crop of newcomers are mostly clustered along the streets off Dolores, Valencia, Guerrero and Mission, it’s fun to shop-hunt by zig-zagging around the neighborhood of charming Victorians.

Many have been converted and some are artfully painted to reflect the climate of the times. There are taquerias next to pizza joints, Italian delicatessens side-by-side to creameries, coffee houses lean up against dive bars and as in all neighborhoods of the City, the beat goes on.

Pot & Pantry

It’s always an exciting treat to come upon a well merchandised newcomer. An affirmation that enthusiasm, talent, experience and determination can result in a career as a successful independent entrepreneur.

When the shop is attractive with a mix of fascinating items, the experience is all the more enjoyable. Pot & Pantry is just this sort of spot.

Appropriately named, Pot & Pantry is stocked with helpfuls for cooking and usefuls for preparing. The helpfuls include earthenware casserole dishes while many of the usefuls are eco-friendly tools of the trade made from bamboo and natural fabrics. Then there are the collectibles.

The main attraction being dozens of colorfully decorated Pyrex containers from great grandma’s kitchen. These reminders of days gone by, qualify as both helpful and useful.

The proprietor, Donna Suh, welcomes each potential customer as if they are visiting her home. It just so happens that her new home away from home is a kitchen store in the Mission.

Donna has a keen eye for practical, quality merchandise. It’s obvious that she enjoys offering an array of items in several categories, some made locally, some designed by artisans and all are helpful and useful to home chefs.

There’s no need to toss around that hot potato fresh out of the microwave, just pick up a oven glove at Pot & Pantry.

Pot & Pantry - 3412 22nd Street - Sf - www.potandpantry.com - 415-206-1134

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