Pregnant Mom Fatally Shot in Front of Her Oakland Apartment

An East Bay community is mourning the loss of a mother of two who was shot and killed right in front of her apartment Saturday night.

Police are still investigating the shooting that left Misty Smith Walton dead and her husband injured.

“She was about to have her little girl, finally,” said best friend Johanna Hurtado.

The mom of two, with one on the way, was described by her friends as a beautiful soul.

“I didn’t think it was real, I called her, she wasn’t answering she didn’t pick the phone I knew it was real everyone started to call me,” said Hurtado.

Those calls started coming in Saturday night when police found Walton and her husband shot on 65th Avenue and Outlook.

Police aren’t releasing any details, but through social media, family members believe she and her husband were responding to their car alarm going off and when they went outside, Walton was dead, and her husband seriously hurt.

“It doesn’t make sense what happened to her,” said Hurtado.

Friends and coworkers in shock brought flowers and candles honoring Walton who was Carl B Munck’s Elementary School PTA president.

“We have to go to school tomorrow with grief counselors and explain to them that Misty isn’t going to be there,” said PTA member Anna Santos.

Walton’s husband was shot several times and is recovering.

“I’d like to tell the person who did this to turn themselves in to do the right thing,” said PTA board member Kiyoko Pitts.

Police ask anyone with information related to the crime, contact them.

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