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Prior to Conducting Charlottesville Protests, White Nationalist From San Jose Rallied in Berkeley

A counter rally against White Nationalism is scheduled to take place in Berkeley August 27

While the August 12 white nationalist rally took place across the country in Charlottesville, Virginia, a similar breakout of violence occurred in Berkeley four months ago. Embedded within the both groups of white supremacists was Bay Area local Nathan Damigo.

According to El Tecolote, a San Francisco based newspaper, Damigo established the white nationalist group “Identity Evropa.” The news source revealed that Damigo was raised in San Jose and went on to serve in the Marines. Upon his return in 2007, Damigo robbed a cab driver at gun point in San Diego. While the ex-Marine stated he believed that his actions were a consequence of PTSD, Damigo was sentenced to six years in prison.

El Tecolote highlighted Damigo's involvement with White Nationalism after his release in 2014, establishing both "Identity Evropa" and National Youth Fron, another supremacy group.

The new source captured Damigo's statement about Identity Evropa: “We reject [the idea of] multiracialism as being something that is good for European people.” Then the 30 year old continued by asking, “Do we want to have this person breeding in our gene pool?”

Damigo was seen earlier this year at a violent Berkeley rally punching an opposing protester in the face. The white nationalist leader ran into the crowd as the woman was knocked to the ground.

The Charlottesville rally that Damigo took place in over the weekend left one dead and many injured after a car rammed into a crowd of counter protesters. Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin released a statement pertaining to the tragic event, reported The East Bay Times:

“Berkeley stands in solidarity against bigotry, hate and white supremacy and support (of) those who embrace peaceful assembly and debate. It is the multicultural diversity of our country that makes it great. Please join me in speaking out against violent extremism masquerading as freedom of speech.”

A counter rally against white nationalism is also scheduled to take place in Berkeley August 27.

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