South Bay Company's Raw Tuna Recalled

Beware the spicy tuna sushi if it came from a South Bay company.

Eaters of spicy tuna sushi at restaurants in 20 states and Washington, DC have been feeling a little funky.

They've been infected with salmonella connected to raw ground yellow fin tuna imported by a Bay Area company, according to reports.

The product, which has been called the "pink slime" of sushi, is "Nakaochi Scrape," a "frozen backmeat" scraped from fish bones and then sold as ground tuna, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The company, Cupertino-based Moon Marine USA Corporation, imports the tuna from India.

About 60,000 pounds of the tuna have been linked to 116 salmonella infections since February, according to the newspaper.

The tuna changed hands several times, from distributors to restaurants and grocery stores, meaning the eventual-sickening tuna did not necessarily have information linking it to Moon Marine USA, the newspaper reported.

Nobody's died from the sickly tuna. Twelve people were hospitalized, the newspaper reported.

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