‘Recall Newsom' Supporters Hold Rally in Palo Alto

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"Recall Newsom" supporters gathered Friday for rally in Palo Alto, just one day after California Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis announced a September 14 date for the special election.

Organizers with Rescue California said they are now in phase two of the campaign. Drumming up excitement that will convince people to “vote yes.”

“We gonna be making phone calls. We are going door-to-door. We are going to encourage people to talk to their friends and neighbors about what's happening. This is a non-partisan movement,” said Pamela Garfield-Jaeger, a recall supporter.

As recall supporters spread the word, recall opponents are speaking out about the importance of educating voters about “voting no.”

"Everyday, there are more and more Californians who know this is an incredible waste of time and effort. We have to beat this Republican recall. We have to get the word out," said California State Assembly Member David Chiu.

The clock is ticking for both camps. Voters will receive mail in ballots in mid-August.

For the next several weeks, supporters will be making the case to replace Gov. Gavin Newsom.

“The state can't afford Gavin Newsom anymore. The wealth, the EDD crisis. That’s 30 billion dollars," said Thomas Del Beccaro, an organizer with Rescue California.

While Democrats will be reminding voters of Newsom's achievements hoping to convince them to vote to keep him in office.

“To create more housing for unhoused than any other governor in history. To expand health care. To make investments in education," Chiu said.

Organizers on both sides know voter turnout is crucial for their success.

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