Giving Up Her Day Job

Still the voice of the Giants

A well-known morning radio host and the voice of the San Francisco Giants hosted her last radio show Friday morning.

Renel Brooks Moon said good-bye to the 7 to 9 a.m. show today on 98.1 Kiss FM.

Brooks has been on air in the Bay Area for almost 25 years. She started with Kiss FM in 1997 when it launched and spent almost a decade on air at KMEL before that.

Her final broadcast turned into a celebrity party with champagne flowing.   Listeners flooded the phone lines to wish her well.

Renel is a leader in the community.  She was born in Oakland and attended Mills College where she received an honorary doctorate degree.

She is on the board of Friends of Faith, a non-profit group that raises money for women who can't afford cancer treatment.

She has been a part of many firsts, including being the only female announcer for major league baseball.  She is the voice of the San Francisco Giants.

She plans to continue work as the Voice of the Giants and as a leader of community groups and organizations.

Renel says, "This is not a retirement.  I will re-emerge in some capacity."

Stay tuned.

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