Residents Oppose High-End Housing in San Francisco's Mission

Hundreds of San Francisco residents are banding together to fight a proposed high-end project that would change the 16th and Mission streets area.

Opponents fear the project would force longtime residents out of the Mission neighborhood by increasing rent prices. The proposed project calls for turning two restaurants, a grocery store and a bar next to the BART plaza into a 350-unit housing complex.

Rent is expected to be at least $3,500 a month at one of the new units if the project is approved, according to opponents.

"If we are not able to stand up for them and we're saying, 'Well if you can't afford to pay $3,500 a month then you should live here,'" said Maria Zamudio with the 16th Street Coalition. "We're losing community and a work force."

Some residents are in favor of the project.

"Every change comes with sacrifice," said Gabriel, who did not provide his last name.

Gabriel has lived in the area for more than 30 years. He is hoping new housing will bring a new beginning to an area where crime is common.

"We have to look at the posterity of the city," he said. "We can't sit on old ways, the nostalgic way."

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