Rising Cost of Food Spurs Price Hike at In-N-Out Burger

A rise in the cost of ingredients has prompted price hikes at fast-food restaurants.

The popular double-double at In-N-Out has increased 15 cents since last month.

Hamburgers and cheeseburgers went up 10 cents each and drinks increased 5 cents, the chain told NBC Bay Area. French fry prices were unchanged.

"We make every effort to keep our menu prices as low as possible," In-N-Out EVP of Planning and Development Carl Van Fleet said in a statement. "Unfortunately, we have seen some pretty significant cost increases over the last year and we had to take a small price increase in order to maintain our quality standards."

Overall food prices have jumped nearly 3 percent since April, which is the highest increase in more than three years, officials said.

Other popular fast-food chains like Chipotle have also been adjusting prices.

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