San Francisco

Rising Sea Levels Could Mean Upgrades for San Francisco’s Mission Bay Neighborhood

Situated along the waterfront, San Francisco's Mission Bay neighborhood may need to strengthen its seawall and install levees to combat rising sea levels, according to a report published Monday.

The Bay Conservation and Development Commission and non-profit SPUR, partnered together to publish the 80-page study, which offers renderings of potential infrastructure additions that could save the region from future flooding.

"Climate change is real. Rising sea level is going to happen. The Bay shoreline is going to be affected. That is simply the way it's going to be," said Larry Goldzband with the Bay Conservation and Development Commission.

Projections highlight that rising sea water could overwhelm the neighborhood by 2050 if a hefty storm, coupled with high tide, hit the Bay Area.

Before that time, simple fixes include installing clear glass barriers along shoreline walkways ranging from three to four feet in height.

"I had no idea that there was any concern with the water level, and that's kind of concerning because our office just a few blocks away right next to where the Warriors stadium is going to be built," San Francisco-resident Christiane Volk said.

Goldzband said the city is simply preparing for a water problem that is coming very slowly.

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