Round Two for Supes to Stop Muni Fare Hike

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors are trying again to block a Muni fare increase. The board plans to propose an alternate plan at their meeting on Tuesday.

Cash fares on Muni are set to rise by 50 cents to $2 on July First. The agency also plans to cut some routes and reduce service.

Last Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors agreed to the plan after asking for some spending caps. Fares increases for students, the elderly and the disabled were also postponed.

Now some supervisors want to extend parking meter hours and raise parking fees. They say it could soften fare increases and make sure the people who need public transit the most can actually afford it.

Some supervisors tried to overturn Muni's budget last week, but they didn't have enough votes to get it passed.

Muni is trying to balance a $129 million deficit.

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