San Francisco

Same-Sex Couple Say Uber Driver Used Gay Slur, Discriminated

A same-sex couple say they were victims of discrimination by an Uber driver during SF Pride weekend.

Matt Tongi and Sumeet Chadha said they called Uber on Saturday night to go the Castro district in San Francisco for a Pride event. Tongi said after they got into the car, he kissed his boyfriend on the cheek.

The Uber driver then told them he couldn't drive them anymore because he was out of gas.

But Tongi said he could see the fuel gauge on the dash, and it indicated the vehicle had plenty of gas.

The conversation then got heated, and the driver used a gay slur and told them to get out, Tongi said.

Chadha said he was surprised by the driver's action, knowing how Uber heavily promoted Pride this year.

"I'm really appalled," he said. "Honestly, I felt really sad for the whole situation in general. I think the whole thing is the idea of this marketing strategy - if you're going to sell to a certain image or a certain person, you have to be sure that you're vetting your drivers, that they're OK with the same strategy you are using."

Uber responded with a statement, saying it is investigating.

"Uber does not tolerate any form of discrimination, and we are looking into this incident,” a company spokesperson said.

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