San Francisco Dog Owners Raise Funds to Reopen Fort Funston Parking Lot

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A local dog group has raised money to reopen the parking lot and restrooms at Fort Funston, a popular dog beach closed since the partial federal government shutdown began last month.

The San Francisco Dog Owners Group and the Golden Gate Recreation Area have agreed that a donation from the group will allow for regular trash collection and maintenance of portable toilets, the group announced on Friday.

"This is a moment when we all want to pitch in to help the Park Service keep our recreation area safe and clean -- it benefits everyone in the Bay Area who loves Fort Funston, not to mention our furry friends," said Sally Stephens, chair of SFDOG.

The group approached the park service when it was apparent that park users were undeterred by the closed Fort Funston parking lot and were instead parking and walking along the narrow shoulder of Skyline Boulevard.

"We felt the traffic situation was too dangerous to have people and their dogs parking and walking along the busy highway," Stephens said.

The services are being paid on a weekly basis, and SFDOG has agreed to cover one month.

A crowdfunding page had raised more than $3,000 of a $5,000 goal by Saturday morning.

San Francisco Dog Owners Group is a nonprofit organization that promotes responsible dog guardianship, offers educational programs for both dog owners and the general public, and works for increased off-leash recreation opportunities for responsible humans and their canine companions.

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