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San Francisco Has 3rd Best Burrito in America: Article

If you’re looking for some of the best burritos in America, there’s no need to go far.

San Francisco's La Taqueria's carnitas burrito was named the third best burrito in America by The Daily Meal.

The article explains these mouth-watering details as to why it rocketed to the near top of the list.

"La Taquería is a regular stop for food-lovers in San Francisco, a city already famous for its Mexican offerings," The Daily Meal wrote. "Either keep it simple and just stick with meat and beans — no rice filler in the burrito here — or upgrade it with all the classic burrito extras and watch your pants tighten with each bite. We suggest you go all the way and load yours up with their unique style of carnitas, which are somehow both crispy and moist, and nothing short of delicious."

Three other local eateries made the list: El Farolito,Taqueria El Castillo and Taqueria San Francisco.

Tito's Tacos in LA, was named the top burrito spot.

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