San Francisco Has a Budget, Sorta

Marathon negotiations reach deal to much rejoicing, but state could crash the party

Gavin Newsom and the Board of Supervisors hammered out a budget agreement late last night after a tense battle leading up to a midnight deadline.

The mayor protected the police and fire departments from layoffs, as well as some pet projects and political appointees.

The board protected health and recreation programs, as well as city security and janitorial jobs.

But part of the $43.7 million compromise involved spending $7 million set aside for funding any cuts made at the state level.

And of course, the state's budget deficit apparently grew by $2 billion overnight, and Sacramento is likely to start issuing IOUs instead of checks.

If California comes up short, Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi said he would pursue a plan to go after highly-paid political appointees employed in positions created by Newsom.

Some, such as the "Greening Director" and "Climate Control Director" have raised eyebrows both for employing Newsom supporters and seeming redundant in a city with a 65-person Department of the Environment.

Jackson West is just glad the two sides were actually talking to each other for a change.

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