San Francisco “Landlords From Hell” in Court for Sentencing

A San Francisco couple dubbed the "landlords from hell” is expected to be sentenced Friday.

Kip Macy, 38, and wife Nicole Macy, 37, each pleaded guilty to residential burglary, stalking and attempted grand theft. They each could face four and a half years in prison.

The Macys bought a three-story, six-unit apartment building on Clementina Street in San Francisco's South of Market district in 2005.

Investigators say the couple terrorized their tenants in an effort to get them to move out, stealing their belongings and even cutting a hole in the floor of one of the units.

The couple was arrested in 2008, but then skipped town, hiding out in Italy after posting bail.

The Macys were taken into custody last year and extradited back to the United States last month.
Officials say their sentence counts as two strikes under the “Three Strikes” law in California.
An attorney for Nicole Macy has previously said her client is extremely sorry and remorseful.

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