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San Francisco Moves Forward With Paid Reservation System for Lombard Street

Plans for the paid reservation system for the most crooked street in San Francisco were moved forward following a meeting between city officials and residents Wednesday evening.

People living near Lombard Street said the crowds and traffic are out of control and city planners agree.

Transportation planners said they’ve been studying traffic impacts caused by people visiting the street since the year 2000, and they said it’s only getting worse. That’s why they want to give a paid reservation system a try, and most neighbors agree.

"It’s not just dangerous for cable cars," said a resident at the meeting. "First responders can’t get to anybody on Hyde."

With the reservation system, visitors would pay $5 to $10 and enforcement would be automated or conducted by staff at the top of the street. All paid for by the fee.

"Two and a half blocks I think it takes me, at the longest 30 minutes," said resident Cristine Sogabe.

Like the majority of the people at the meeting, Sogabe said they support giving anything a try.

"I’m supportive of a fee if it somehow limits traffic I'm supportive of anything that eliminates traffic," she said.

Neighbors said that while it’s a good first step, the plan doesn’t address bad pedestrian behavior or weekend motorcycle riders putting people in danger.

The district supervisor said she will be urging the police chief to step up patrols around the tourist attraction.

The paid reservation proposal will be fine-tuned and in the coming months, will be presented to the Board of Supervisors.

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