San Francisco Tries to Out-Disney LA

Walt Disney museum to open in the Presidio

Take that Los Angeles.

So you may have all the fancy stars, the better baseball team (for now) and endless sun but you don't have the Walt Disney museum.

You can keep Disney Land, who wants to sit in overpriced tea cups when we have the body of a genius thawing in our city? (Okay, so there is no confirmation of whether Disney's frozen body will be brought to San Francisco ... but still).

A new $112 million museum to honor the man behind Mickey Mouse and the Disney brand will open in three buildings in the Presidio this fall, according to the Los Angeles Times. (Sad we had to resort to an LA source for the news).

The museum will not be a theme park or a cartoon showcase but instead it will focus on the man behind the ears and the work he put in to create his empire.

“My father’s name is probably one of the most well-known names around the world, but as the ‘brand’ or trademark has spread, for many, the man has become lost,” his daughter, Diane Disney Miller, said in a press release.

The museum will open adjacent to the Walt Disney Family Foundation’s collections and offices, which currently has a home in the Presidio.

There is no word on how much the tickets, which go on sale Aug. 1, will cost but a Web site is already in development.

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