San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi Reports Issue With Driver's License Resolved

San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi on Tuesday said a problem that led to his driver's license being suspended has been resolved.

Mirkarimi said in a statement that he had only learned on Monday that his driver's license had been suspended for alleged failure to properly report an accident that occurred in October.

"I used the public phone number for the DMV and traversed their process," he said in a statement Tuesday. "I found them to be efficient and helpful, and after explaining the matter and filing the proper paperwork the matter has been resolved."

Mirkarimi said he reported the collision, which occurred on Oct. 2, 2014, to his insurance company and to San Francisco Sheriff's Department personnel, and understood that the insurer would take care of the required DMV report. However the insurer apparently did not file the report.

The incident in question reportedly occurred while Mirkarimi was driving a city-owned vehicle. No one was injured and the city's car wasn't damaged, but Mirkarimi gave his personal insurance information to the other driver.

Mirkarimi said his insurance coverage has remained in effect the entire time. Neither he nor his insurance company received any notification of his license being suspended, he said.

In June, a San Francisco police officer issued Mirkarimi a traffic citation. That's been resolved, but the sheriff was not advised of any problems with his driver's license during that process, sheriff's department officials said.

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