San Francisco

‘Our Animals Are in Danger': San Francisco to Address Concerns Over Rise in Coyote Encounters

City leaders say there is a rise in reported coyote encounters across San Francisco.

Supervisor Norman Yee called for a hearing months ago after a coyote attacked a dog in Stern Grove. Next Thursday, Yee plans to ask Animal Care and Control and other agencies how they plan to handle concerns and interactions.

"What's our city plan when people are getting nervous about it? Wait for something bad to happen? I'm not willing to do that," Yee said.

San Francisco-resident Jeff Macki said his beloved dog Didi was killed by a coyote Saturday night in Balboa Terrace during a bathroom break in the front yard.

"We really loved this dog," Macki said. "She was the friendliest, most loving dog."

Animal Care and Control crews have posted warning signs in the area. Neighbors across Ocean Avenue in Ingleside Terrace said it is not unusual to see coyotes lounging on front lawns.

Residents are planning to attend next week's meeting at City Hall.

"They've got to do something," Macki said. "We have a problem at Bernal Heights, Ingleside Terrace and Stern Grove. Something has got to be done. Our animals are in danger."

Thursday's meeting will begin at 10 a.m. at the Government Audit Oversight Committee in San Francisco City Hall.

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