SF Restaurants Hope for the Best as Outdoor Dining Reopens

NBC Bay Area

For the first time in a long time, diners in San Francisco now have the option to take out or dine out.

Although optimistic, restaurant owners are also wary because so many people are still working from home and traffic is much less than what they need.

"The tech business is what was driving us," said a San Francisco business owner.

Tech workers from Apple to Twitter are working from home and even though they can go out, they don't.

"It's probably about 70% difference, 80%, sometimes more," a business owner said. "Especially with the shelter-in-place, people don't know what to do, whether they should stay home or come out."

Robert Chapman, business professor at San Jose State University said many people are forgetting about their favorite small businesses while at home.

"We're not seeing people reach out to the small business that they want to have back there," he said.

Trying to stay in businesses while also staying healthy is a concern for business owners.

"The hardest thing is getting up every morning and hoping you will not catch it," a business owner said, "because the numbers scare essential workers, too."

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