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Shooting Scare on Hwy. 101 in San Francisco

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A driver in San Francisco says he feels lucky to be alive Thursday after he believes his car was shot at while driving home on the freeway. 

The incident occurred around 4:30 p.m. while Wil Otero drove with his 87-year-old mother.

“I called the police non-emergency number and here I am,” Otero said. 

Oteri said he was near the 9th street exit on northbound Highway 101 in San Francisco when he thought a rock hit his windshield.  

But his mother looked up at the overpass and that’s when Otero said he saw three people, who appeared to be carrying something, run away. 

“But I saw the guns, like they had guns,” he said. “The fact that it didn’t go through the windshield told me it wasn’t a gun. It was something but it wasn’t a gun. So I just assume it was a bb gun.”

Even though he says the car next to him was also hit and swerved, they did not collide into anything and no one was hurt. 

Still, Otero is pretty shaken up about what could have been and his message for whoever did this is clear.

“Don’t go out into public and just randomly shoot at cars because you think it’s funny. Because three people could have died today and that’s the reality of it,” Otero said.

The California Highway Patrol is aware of the incident but was unable to confirm what exactly happened. 

Officers did go out to that overpass later that night and didn’t find any evidence of anything.

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