San Jose Police Department Steps Up Veteran Recruitment Efforts

Officers at the San Jose Police Department are steeping up recruitment of military personnel to help deal with a severe staffing shortage. 

Officers manned a recruitment table for marine reserves at an event today in the San Jose convention center. The department is in dire need of street-ready officers. 

"There's been a number of marines that have come over to our desk, asking how much we are paying, what opportunities are available to them, how soon they can join," said Lt. Greg Lombardo, who participated in recruitment efforts. "We've been very happy with out results, so far." 

In late March, department leaders implemented a new program to make it easier for war veterans to join their ranks. It allows candidates, who are interested in being police officers, to substitute up to four years of their military service for the department’s education requirements for college credit.

The Police Officers’ Association also supports the idea of honoring the service of veterans, but its leaders say they don't believe Monday’s move will make a significant dent in filling the vacancies.

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