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Police Raid Illegal Casino Operating Inside San Jose Home

At least 10 people were arrested during the raid.

Police raided an illegal casino operating out of a home in San Jose.

Authorities said at least 10 people were arrested in Thursday morning's raid, which started when a San Jose Police Department MERGE team descended on a house on Capitol Avenue and Alum Rock to serve a search warrant.

MERGE officers, the equivalent of SWAT, could be seen breaking the back window to gain access to the house. The MERGE team was then seen piling numerous bags of cash on the hood of the police van.

San Jose Police SWAT Team Surround House; Break Window, Confiscate Cash

"I just heard a loud noise telling them to come out with their hands up and surrender yourselves," neighbor Carmen Echavarria said.

Neighbors said the home was known as the "gambling house" and said it was no secret.

Echavarria admits she has gambled at the home before.

"I'm not going to deny I haven't been there," she said. "It's just slot machines, like when you go to Reno and there's a machine."

Echavarria also said Thursday was not the first time the house has been raided.

"They've been raided before, but not to this extent where there's police, breaking windows or throwing bombs inside the house," she said.

A San Jose police lieutenant on scene said the operation was considered high-risk because police believed there were weapons inside the home. Police would not say if any weapons were found.

Police said bags of cash were also found inside home and that more arrests are expected to be made.

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