San Jose Residents Frustrated Over Neighborhood Water Leak

San Jose residents are up in arms over a slow response to fix a water leak in their neighborhood.

Brian Johnston, who lives in the Willow Glen neighborhood, said he called the San Jose Water Company to report a water leak on June 19. He said the company told him it would investigate the leak within 48 hours.

The leak was investigated by the water company, but Johnston said the water continued to flow three days later. A follow-up call garnered a response that the company would get to the leak as soon as possible.

By day four Johnston's neighbors were also getting agitated watching the nonstop flow of water. On the sixth day of the leak, Johnston contacted media, which appeared to get things moving along.

Bob Day of the San Jose Water Company said they alert all utility companies to a leak first so gas and cable lines can be checked before they open up the street.

"It's not losing an insignificant amount of water, but we need to follow the safety procedures so we can repair this thing as safely as we possibly can," he said.

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