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San Jose Residents Report Paintball Attacks in Willow Glen Neighborhood

Add paintball gun attacks to the list of crimes recently plaguing the Willow Glen neighborhood in San Jose.

Residents report several incidents where people and cars were struck by paintballs.

One of the residents, Wayne Morris, said he was walking along Minnesota Avenue on Wednesday night when the shots rang out, striking him three times. Several cars were also hit with paintballs, Morris said.

"All of a sudden I hear 'pop, pop, pop.' It sounded like gunfire," Morris said. "I'm an army veteran so I've heard gunfire. It startled me."

Morris and his wife were walking the family dog when he was struck. He thought he had been shot with a real gun.

"I was hit in the arm and it felt liquidy. And I was like, it's blood. It was dark, so I couldn't see," Morris said.

Resident Dave Nelson counted eight paintballs that hit his car.

"I saw marks across my car and read reports of people getting hit by paintballs," Nelson said. "And I knew it was paintbaills."

At least six other residents reported the same thing on social media.

Willow Glen neighbors said they are getting restless again after all the break-ins and muggings in recent months.

"People love living here and there's all this mischief," neighbor Karis Clason said. "And this I consider high-end mischief."

Morris said he is lucky he was not hit in the face because it could have taken out an eye.

Police told NBC Bay Area on Thursday they have received only one report of a paintball incident on Marcia Avenue. Police said every victim should call to file a report so they can piece together a case.

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