San Jose Unified School district

San Jose Unified School District Considers Converting Schools Into Housing for Teachers

The San Jose Unified School District is hiring about 200 new teachers a year because dozens leave when they realize they cannot afford to buy a house and start a family in the area.

"If we don't do something, we do have a concern we won't be able to fill our classroom with the highest quality teachers," SJUSD Deputy Superintendent Stephen McMahon said.

SJUSD has put together a list of nine buildings that could be converted into affordable housing for school district employees like teachers and principals. The list includes four elementary schools, three middle schools, a high school and the district's main office.

The district said it will build newer, better schools on nearby undeveloped land that it owns.

"We're looking at all of our options, focused on what's possible, doing our due diligence to narrow that list, and what is viable in the long term to support our community," McMahon said.

The list of possible schools to be converted into housing includes Bret Harte Middle School and Leland High School, which has made many in the area upset.

Greg Braley has started a petition on called "Save Leland and Bret Harte" that several thousand people have signed. Residents are concerned about property values and moving kids to another school.

"People buy their houses in this area in order for their kids to go to this school," Braley said.

The district on Wednesday night is scheduled to hold a public meeting to answer questions and concerns about a proposal it said is necessary to keep teachers in school.

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