San Mateo Startup Offers No-Touch Gas Station to Help Limit Virus Spread

Booster Fuels deploys its "gas station on wheels" so customers never have to leave their vehicles

Booster Fuels

In the interest of social distancing and avoiding public facilities, a Silicon Valley startup on Thursday is demonstrating its alternative to gas pumps by offering a touchless, mobile gas station.

Booster Fuels, based in San Mateo, will be filling up customers' vehicles in the parking lot of a Target store at Bridgepoint Shopping Center in San Mateo. The first-time event will take place from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Thursday.

Booster Fuels will deploy its "gas station on wheels," a mini tanker that will park in one spot and offer fill-ups at prices comparable to traditional gas stations, the company says.

All ordering and communication is done through Booster's special website,, and customers never have to leave their vehicles. After the customer is done fueling up, they receive a text and email receipt.

The service is for all consumers, and no memberships or apps are required, Booster says.

According to the company, 71% of traditional gas pump handles have high levels of contamination, enough to spread illness.

Booster, which does much of its business filling up vehicles of workers in the parking lots of Silicon Valley corporations, says it plans on having more public fill-ups depending on how long the coronavirus shelter-at-home order continues.

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