San Francisco

Sanders Supporters Protest High-Priced Clinton Fundraiser in San Francisco

Nearly 200 Bernie Sanders supporters gathered on the streets of San Francisco to protest a high-priced fundraiser for his democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Friday's fundraiser was held in Nob Hill and was co-hosted by actor George Clooney.

"She's not here to talk about the issues we're dealing with in San Francisco," said Reid Chalkers, a Sanders supporter. "She's here to ask wealthy donors for money.

Chalkers was one of the hundreds of Sanders supporters unhappy with a private Clinton fundraiser. To get into the event, some donors paid as much as $353,000.

"To have a place where we have such bad health disparity and having something with the homeless where they're being forced from where they are, and being told they're not a part of this city, a part of this community," Chalkers said.

But Jeannine Lewis, a Clinton supporter, said the protesters' anger is misguided.

"I think they're really holding Hillary to a standard that's never been held before," Lewis said. "A lot of these people I saw were not informed and didn't even know Bernie was in the Vatican."

California's primary is less than two months away.

Clinton and the Clooneys will hold another fundraiser Saturday at George Clooney's mansion in Los Angeles.

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