Santa Clara County

Santa Clara County Union Schedules Re-Vote

The future of 9,000 Santa Clara county workers is in the hands of union members. Again.

A re-vote is scheduled for July 22, after the contract was rejected Friday.

All bargaining units of the Service Employees International Union Local 521 had approved the agreement, with the exception of the Social Services Unit.

According to the SEIU 521, the re-vote is a result of “extensive evidence of misrepresentation.”

The tentative agreement offered union members a 14.19 percent wage increase over four years, along with other compensation if the agreement is passed. The rejected vote means there is no contract for county workers, minimum wage increase, and an increase for healthcare and retirement.

According to county leaders, negotiations will continue if the contract is rejected again.

The SEIU 521 did not immediately respond to questions on Monday, specifically about why leadership thought the vote would pass this time.

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