Santa Cruz Mountains Residents Brace For More Rain

More rain is not what water-logged residents in the Santa Cruz Mountains need, but that's exactly what they got late Wednesday night and into Thursday morning.

Crews were still cleaning up from the last series of storms to hit the area, especially on Highway 9 and along Highway 17, where workers with heavy equipment were still clearing mudslides from saturated hillsides.

Resident Renee Bibby said a slide that blocked her road in Boulder Creek is clear now but she has to drive Bear Creek Road to get there. It’s now a one-lane road. The other lane washed away in the January storms.

Bibby isn’t looking forward to more rain.

"I’m not ready; the ground is saturated," she said. "There’s gonna be more slides no matter what."

In Felton, Jess Carkner said he and his neighbors cleared a lot of mud on Coon Heights Road. His family is hoping the hillside can handle more water.

"I think it’s cool," his daughter said. "I like the rain, but it's scary because trees could fall on our house or make it hard to get to school or wash out our road."

People who live in the area say all you can do is prepare.

"You adjust, learn alternate routes to get around, be self-sufficient, stay put if you need to," resident Chris Barker said.

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