Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Starbucks Workers Go on Strike

NBC Universal, Inc.

Santa Cruz Starbucks workers began a three-day strike Saturday.

The Starbucks, located on Ocean and Water streets in Santa Cruz was the first store in California to vote to join a union. On Saturday, it became the first store in California to go on strike.

Workers said that Starbucks is involved in unfair labor practices like denial of some benefits, interfering with rights to distribute and read union material, and changing store hours without consulting with the union.

"These changes and store hours are actually a national thing that Starbucks are doing in all stores, union or not. They are choosing not to bargain with any store regarding them. They actually refusing to," said Noel Bennett, a Starbucks shift supervisor.

Workers plan to strike for two more days. NBC Bay Area reached out to Starbucks for comment Saturday but did not hear back.

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