Sausalito Gas Station Pumps Up Gas Prices to Nearly $8 A Gallon

It sounds like someone's idea of a cruel joke: gas for $8 a gallon. And in Sausalito this week, that was exactly the case.

Bridgeway Gas Station on Thursday had its premium unleaded gas going for $7.99 a gallon. Prices came down a bit Friday, but nowhere near Bay Area averages.

While it defies logic and fairness, the owner said he increased prices because he is tired of people complaining about how much they have to pay for gas.

Locals said the owner has been at it for months.

"When all the prices went down, he doubled his and the more people complained," said Dana, a Sausalito resident. "He'd just add another dollar."

The owner's price increases are not stopping him from making a profit.  The owner said there are enough rich customers and tourists to keep him in business, no matter what he charges.

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