Sea Lions Seen at Seal Rocks Again

Cliff House attraction drawing marine mammals' interest again after a long hiatus

The rocky points of Seal Rocks jutting out from the Pacific underneath the Cliff House have been quiet for some time.

But now the barkers are back, likely thanks to warmer water pushing north along the California coast.

That shift means more fish moving north looking for colder water, and with a baby boom in the sea lion population, more hungry pups chasing after them.

While the young sea lions may look cute, don't get too close -- like any hungry carnivore, it's likely to look at you as lunch.

If you're willing to tussle with the beasts over dinner, the fishing is apparently quite good," Stephanie Scott of Gus' Discount Fishing Tackle told the San Francisco Chronicle, adding that customers have pulled in a 50-pound sea bass and 40-pound striper from just off Ocean Beach.

However, there's no danger at all if you want to simply watch the show below while sipping a cocktail at the Cliff House.

Image from Ed Bierman.

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