Romo Would Welcome Melky Back ‘With Open Arms’

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The general consensus is that the Giants aren't going to bring Melky Cabrera back, even if they're still alive by the time he becomes eligible.

But just because they aren't likely to (or won't?) do that doesn't mean that's how all the players feel. For instance, Sergio Romo would love to have Melky back.

The reliever said as much while appearing on Sirius XM radio with Casey Stern and Jim Bowden Monday.

"He's on our team, he started the season on our team. He is a San Francisco Giant so in my eyes when he's able to come back why wouldn't you want him to come back?" Romo said. "Look at the talent he has and imagine how much better he could make us. Through everything, everything he did, the reasons he did it, it doesn't matter, that's his business.

"When it comes to our business as a team as a whole and he's able to come back I expect everyone to welcome him with open arms."

We'll see whether or not the rest of Romo's teammates and, more importantly, his bosses agree. But Romo also said that Melky, despite the perception, is "a good teammate."

"He's a good teammate, he really is," Romo said. "He's very quiet and everything, he smiles and he's got a good personality and everything and he fits. So when he's able to come back I do expect everyone to welcome him back."

Again, it's quite possible that many of Romo's teammates feel the same way. But it really doesn't matter if none of the Giants brass feels that way.

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