San Jose

Several Mountain Lion Sightings Shut Down Trails at Alum Rock Park

Multiple mountain lion sightings have prompted officials to close trails at Alum Rock Park in San Jose.

The sightings were reported along One Way Road and South Rim Trail. Park rangers have also confirmed the sightings of at least one of the park's resident lions.

The trails were shut down on Thursday and will be closed for 48 hours.

Park rangers said they will reassess the area on Saturday.

Anyone encountering a mountain lion, should keep the following safety tips in mind:

  • Do not approach a mountain lion, it may feel cornered if you approach it.
  • Do not remain in the area.
  • Stand tall, face the animal, make noise and try to look bigger by waving your arms or throwing objects.
  • Pick up small children, without bending over.
  • Back away slowly, giving the lion an opportunity to escape.
  • Do not turn your back or run away, which might trigger a chase response.
  • Fight back, if attacked.
  • REPORT ALL ENCOUNTERS OR ATTACKS IMMEDIATELY -If a human is attacked by a mountain lion, call 9-1-1. -If you have a face-to-face encounter with a mountain lion, contact a Park Ranger or call the Alum Rock Park Ranger Office at 408-259-5477.
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