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SF Fire Chief Says Peskin's Behavior Was ‘Obstructive' During Fire

Hayes-White also said it was remarkable that there were no injuries during such a large fire

San Francisco Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White admonished Supervisor Aaron Peskin in a letter for his "distracting" and "obstructive" behavior on Saturday night during a four-alarm blaze in the city's North Beach neighborhood.

Hayes-White sent Peskin a formal request on Monday asking him not to interfere with firefighters during an emergency.

"Your actions were distracting and obstructive to achieving containment and control of a volatile incident," she wrote in the request, saying Peskin jeopardized the safety of everyone at the scene.

Hayes-White said it was remarkable that there were no injuries during such a large fire.

During a Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, President London Breed introduced a resolution commending firefighters for their work in North Beach.

She did not denounce Peskin's actions, but said the emergency responders should be celebrated for putting their lives on the line.

Peskin said on Tuesday that he has a "genuine love" for his constituents, and while it was inappropriate to raise his concerns at the scene of the fire, he would reserve the right to raise more questions about the department's response.

"I apologize to Chief Hayes-White, and I intend to personally convey this to her as soon as I return from the spring legislative recess," Peskin said in a statement.

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