San Francisco

SF Residents Wary of Delivery Impersonators With Criminal Intentions

People living in multi-unit buildings in San Francisco are being extra cautious these days after hearing about a rash of delivery impersonators ripping off residents.

Deliveries at apartment buildings are daily occurrences, and thieves have figured out some residents may be complacent about buzzing in delivery people.

"Don't just blindly buzz them in," San Francisco resident Oliver Sun said. "Make sure you're either down there to greet them or you know you're expecting them."

On Wednesday night on Clara Street, police searched for a man carrying a box posing as a UPS delivery person and trying to get into a secure building.

"I came downstairs and saw my neighbor and police," resident David Folk said.

Folk said impersonators don't even need a uniform. They simply buzz a resident, announce they have a delivery and are often buzzed into a lobby full of opportunity.

"They're stealing our packages," Foplk said. "They did it a month ago; took everybody's packages. It's probably the same thing; it's not the first time someone pretended to be with UPS to get in the building."

Residents in three buildings nearby said it's a common occurrence, and thieves also may change their cover, sometimes posing as Seamless or GrubHub delivery people to get inside.

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