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SF Supervisor Proposes City Buy Crime-Riddled McDonald's Site

A San Francisco supervisor has made a bold and innovative proposal to fight crime near Golden Gate Park: Move McDonald's out of the neighborhood.

The McDonald's restaurant at Haight and Stanyon streets is a spot Board of Supervisors President London Breed is familiar with. She said she receives many calls and emails about it as a troublesome area.

"I just feel bad because most of the time it’s people who have children," Breed said.

On Thursday, an afternoon shooting became the latest incident in a history of crime near the fast-food joint. A man was shot and rushed to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Breed wants the city to take over the property.

"I have proposed purchasing the site," she said. "Why not let the city develop this particular site?"

The McDonald’s Corp. owns the land and released a statement Sunday in response to the city's interest.

“McDonald’s has received a letter of interest from the City and County of San Francisco regarding property at 700-730 Stanyan Street," spokesman Ron Rogers said in the statement. "The proposal is currently under review."

Breed said it’s a unique strategy to deal with rampant crime. But it’s not exactly clear how it would work or how long it will take to complete, if all parties agree to the plan.

Breed said the city needs to find such innovative solutions to the crime, drugs and homeless issues in the area.

"We want to help them, we have services," Breed said. "But we’re not going to let you be violent and disruptive and make everyone else be uncomfortable in this community."

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