Sheriff: No Arrest in Sandoval Sex Complaint

The sheriff's office said the decision was made after conducting a "through investigation."

The Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Department on Wednesday said there is insufficient evidence of an alleged sexual assault to arrest San Francisco Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval with a crime.

Sandoval was at Motiv, a bar on Pacific Avenue in Santa Cruz until early in June, according to the bar manager. An alleged incident occured later that morning at the Seascape Beach Resort in Aptos. Sandoval was never charged in the complaint.

In a brief statement, the sheriff's office said the decision was made after conducting a "through investigation," by interviewing witnesses and collecting biological and physical evidence, some of which was analyzed by the California Department of Justice.

The completed investigation has been forwarded to the district attorney's office for its review.

Sandoval's attorney, Eric Geffon issued a statement following the sheriff's announcement, citing the professionalism of the department's investigation. "We are pleased," the statement reads, "that they have concluded that there is insufficient evidence to support an arrest. Pablo will continue to focus on helping the Giants towards a playoff run this season."

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